Transformation & Rejuvenation

Transformation our 1-1 phone service

Do you feel like it’s your time to shine? If you do then the team and I are here to support you on your journey. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to work with us our goals are the same, firstly to clearly understand what your ultimate goal is and help you achieve it, secondly, to fill you with new found confidence and optimism to find that perfect partner, thirdly, to be your friend and confidant through this change process.

Our private 1 to 1 is completely confidential, you can stay totally anonymous, confidentiality and your trust is paramount to us.

As you will see I work with the UK’s leading experts, I will be there personally to guide you to the right consultant once I have assessed your needs, feel safe in the knowledge that my team and I have a significant track record in changing people’s lives for the better.

Your mental health and wellbeing is as important as your physical health. I will be taking a very holistic approach to how the team and I support you. We offer a three month 1 to 1 phone service to help you overcome issues. I will personally be in attendance on each call.

  • Coaching from me each month on how to best prepare yourself for dating again, what to say, how to listen, how to dress, what to do and definitely what not to do.
  • Sexual problems - Heal emotional pain - Release limiting beliefs - Express authentic self - Cultivate self-worth - Relationship problems. - Confidence.

The Benefits of Therapy

Therapy can be a hugely positive force. It is a powerful way of taking control of aspects of your life that you may be dissatisfied with. Maybe you feel there are issues that you feel are overwhelming you and affecting your ability to function well. Depending on the issue at hand and the therapy type used the benefits can be:

  • Finding ways forward through a difficult period in your life
  • Working towards acceptance of a difficult situation.
  • A better ability to manage and cope with separation/divorce/a loved one passing
  • A greater understanding of, and ability to articulate the things that influence your behaviours and feelings, and the ways you can effect them positively
  • Coping strategies and tools that will immediately effect change for you
  • Get your life back on track, be positive and learn to smile again
  • We are here to help, support you and give you the answers you need.

Rejuvenation service - Its all about preparation!

Is your number one goal to find your new life partner? Or do you need to jump-start your life? Would you like help to prepare the new you? If the answer is yes then our Rejuvenation service is for you!

Firstly, preparing the new you is not just about how you look, although how you look is very important it’s about how you feel, your confidence, being balanced and happy.

Included in the Rejuvenation service: Lisa will accompany you to every consultation you choose. After each consultation, the fun starts! you will get quality time to discuss your treatments, your goals, how you feel.

Lisa’s focus is always on moving you closer to where you want to be physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

You receive:

Access to our highly sought after professional experts, we personally guarantee their expertise after working with them for many years, only through us will you get access to some of the most influential consultants in the UK & Abroad on demand.

No waiting, no waiting rooms, private and 100% confidential.

Our services for you

You choose 3 of the following services out of 7 listed below:

  • Skin Care rejuvenation: Age and lifestyle factors can take their toll on your skin. If you’re concerned about sun damage, age pigmentation, acne, or fine lines and wrinkles, we will connect you to top treatment centres that will help restore the condition of your skin.
  • Mind Transformation: Coaching sessions with leading experts hailing from as far as India.
  • Hair Makeover: We’ve found you acclaimed, invitation-only award- winning salons with creative stylists who will help you with a cutting-edge style and a friendly service.
  • Confidence Coach: visit with one of the world's leading confidence coaches to unlock your full potential and believe in yourself to start dating again. Includes tips in seduction, body language and the art of flirting!
  • Personal Shopper and Image Consultant: If you’re feeling low in confidence, want to change how you feel, ready for a boost, we will connect you with the leading image consultant and transform you and your wardrobe!! Allow our team to invest some time and energy in ‘you’.
  • Smile Makeover: An internationally respected dentist with a special interest in cosmetic dentistry and dental implants, supported by a strong foundation in general dentistry. One of the most featured dentists on television and media. Time to smile with confidence!